Guitarist, Bassist, MD & Film Composer


Emanuele Moretti was born and raised in Milano, Italy. Now based in Los Angeles, Emanuele works in studio and live situations with different artists as well as composing for movies and TV.


Although known for his love for 70’s & 80’s sounds, Emanuele fit naturally with the newest music trend and has worked with artists from all ends of the musical spectrum, including Gloria Trevi, Shaila Durcal, Tom Goss, Mink Slide, Ancestral Stigmata, Citriniti Bros, etc, etc, Further more Emanuele tour nationally with top tribute productions such as Bruno & The Hooligans (Bruno Mars tribute), So Madonna (Madonna tribute), These Handsome Devils (The Smiths & Morrissey tribute), These Killers (The Killers tribute) and many more.


In a radio interview, Emanuele summed up his philosophy this way: “For me it’s really crucial to understand what the artist is trying to say through the song,” Moretti explains. “I think it’s really important to listen to the intention of the artist. You can be of maximum use by just interpreting with your instrument what the artist has to say.”


Emanuele has been part of Gloria Trevi’s “El Amor” DVD. He received an award from The City Council Of Los Angeles for his musical endeavors altogether with fellow bandmates These Handsome Devils and closed 2017 composing and recording music for features movies Hooked (Max Emerson) and Varisty Punk (Anthony Solorzano).

In 2018 Emanuele has been feature in the latest Dance Aegis production "Twelve" as a recording artist and composer.  




+1 (310) 310 - 4711

Los Angeles, CA

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